Lasers, broken down.

The first game that I made using pygame was a remake of the classic Asteroids game. One of the biggest challenges I faced was properly colliding objects together. I tried to google everything that I could, and all of the documentation I came across had examples using sprites. I used, and some other various resources to help me use sprites in my code. 


The lasers were one of the trickiest objects to collide. To start I had to create a Weapon Class as a pygame.sprite object.  Each sprite object has a rectangle, so I turned the laser image into a rectangle. I assigned the x and y coordinates to the rectangle center and bottom, and assigned a speed. 


Next, I added an attack module inside of the Player_1 class, and created a variable calling the x and y coordinates of the rectangle/laser image in the Weapons class.  I added that variable to the all sprites group and to the lasers group.


Inside of the while loop I created a variable for the all_sprites group. I also assigned the enemy and lasers to their own sprite groups. I used a for loop to generate the enemy sprite, and add it to the all_sprites and enemy group.  


To shoot the laser I created an event.type for holding down the space key and called the attack function inside of the player object. 


To detect collision between the laser and the enemy sprite group. I used pygame.sprite.groupcollide(group1, group2, True(group1), True(group2). When True, the sprite groups disappear from the screen. To keep the game running I assigned groupcollide to a variable, and inserted a for statement to repopulate the enemy objects that were hit.


One great thing about using sprites is that it saves you from having to update all of your objects individually. I assigned all the sprite objects to a sprite group named all_sprites and updated them all at once. I also rendered them to the screen at the end of my code using all_sprites.draw(screen).


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